Strange Things

Strange things gave birth here
To needful dreams’ red ruin
Our luckless abjurations
Falling like a dead man’s tears

That miscarriage of irony
Feels like reverie deferred
And every step we madly take
Fetches us one step nearer our grave

With feet fleet upon the kismet wind
We might welcome the cruel descent
But when we fall from human grace
What debris is left adrift?

For stranger things than once dwelled here
Now haunt this homeless place
Like bloodless wraiths crying out for sleep
Our hope to grey surrenders

Cruel Favors

He finished his tale and I called him mad
I named him deranged and christened him loon
He stood unflinching, his eyes only sad
Asking of me only one simple boon

The gun, bullets silver in the moonlight,
To wait for the night’s cold malediction
To end there then that fierce claim of the night
And win back there the unferal unction

How could I believe? How could anyone?
But when dusk faded at last into dark
Flesh and bone betrayed sanity’s reason
And my promise found its fateful mark.

When morning broke, the police there found me
By that naked, and oh so very human body.

This My New Season

On that natal night of this my new season
My memory trembles divested of the lies
A naked denial that rejects the sun
And in the canyon a deer beneath me dies

On that second moon of my lunule passion
When human sense fell to lupine intuition
Self-wrought chains fettered wolfen ambition
And for that one night I restrained Mammon

On that third circuit of the lunar maw
Again I set iron to bind nature down
But iron must fail before primitive law
And in the antediluvian frenzy will drown

Submissive no longer to a human regret;
Obedient at last to the primal sunset