This night I have seen
Both the moon and then
All seven sisters fade
Then fail
Then fall
Discarded into that black

This night is now half done
Reckless sense fell first
The unlikely chimeras
Followed next
But last of all
Went that undone haste

This then is it
Stand here now before me
Stand straight, unbent, unbowed
As would any courtier
Show me now
The indulgence of hazel eyes

Our Hominal Bread

Ten trees sit there astride the concrete way
Iron arms conceding down fingered steel
Their roots sunk deep within that poisoned bay
To drink restlessly in heedless zeal

In a copse of ash or a weald of stone
Hides hunted houndings with equal effect
Subdues every stumble and fall of bone
Shelters the pious feast of earth’s elect

Nourish here on the unwillingly led
Upon this liberated carmine wine
Take comfort now from our hominal bread
For their proffered soul to us consign

To each their own time will to them attain
This track we pace with cerise step in vain

Cambered Inclinations

These cambered inclinations
Wrest red rain from muscles
Starved strangely now of diction
And broken free of calculation
Proffer this proposition:

“Abdicate these annexed claims
And abandon those distressed designs,
Set to one side those sordid fictions
And renounce this calamitous intent
To that dead space then remit these ashes.”

So hanging now from wayward trees
Are all those incautious suggestions,
Depending like malefactors
From branches of alder
The ground they feed with their shadows.

Pretty Awful Things

Just as a head’s up, I have started another very aggressively maintained non-personal blog called “Pretty Awful Things” at http://www.prettyawfulthings.com which may explain the slight slowdown in posts here.

That blog isn’t replacing this one, though there may be a little replication; Heretical Reflections will continue to be the place for game design articles and some of the random fiction or poetry pieces I do.

Pretty Awful Things will be the place for, well, everything else that I find interesting.