I design video games for a living, write fiction, political theory and poetry for personal amusement, and train regularly in Western European 16th century swordwork.

On frequent occasion I have been known to hunt for and explore abandoned graveyards, train tunnels and other interesting places wherever I may find them, but there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I am preparing to set off a zombie apocalypse.

I use paranthesis with distressing frequency, have a deep passion for history, anthropology and sociological theory, and really, really, really hate mayonnaise.

But I wash my hands after the writing. Promise.

Also see my public blog, www.prettyawfulthings.com where I post a lot of really disturbing things interspaced with a few interesting things. Because, well, funny wins, and I find disturbing awfully funny.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I was agreeing with you right up until you said you hated mayo – what’s your problem? I’ve been following prettyawfulthings for a while now and I should think you would love something that is a semi-solid blob.

    • Heh. Well, in regards to mayonnaise, at the abstract level I entirely see and cede your point. Kind of like a culinary Blobfish.

      I just find there to be something so viscerally unpleasant about it…though I readily acknowledge that my distaste is hardly universal. Oddly, my distaste for it has actually gotten worse over the years – I used to have a few exceptions I would be okay with it in.

  2. Discord or calm 

    Are we in the land of discord or calm?
    What are the creatures behind my palm?
    what are the eyes in the wall?
    Tell me the reason for the fall.
    What is the congregation of voices saying?
    What foundation are the hands laying?
    What is the opposite of woeful pride?
    What is on the other side?

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