Wheels of Murder

Above, a wheel of murder spins
A black rain suspended beneath
The ashen shroud fattened by this
Annihilation of our conceit
Soon alive now only in those dreams
Decapitated by their hopes

   Just cede me twenty years of peace
   Twenty short years of reverie
   Of hope and dreams and halcyon sight
   Aegis against that longest road
   Twenty years of wrested conscience
   Conviction born of severed wraiths

   Just grant me twenty years of life
   Twenty years to grow and to glean
   To extort from the Moiral decree
   A burden to carry this bearer
   Twenty years of stolen reward
   Against this lifetime of desolation

   Just twenty years of ardor spent
   Twenty years to never forget
   To unsettle the weeping for
   The forfeits of a world misplaced
   Twenty long years of hoarded hope
   To speak for the unburied dead

And from this cliff of metal and stone
Far below upon fields of grey
Comes the triumph of nature denied
That verdant wrath now unleashed upon
Wrecks of men now picked but to bone
By wheels of murder in spirals, below

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