Announcing Org: New Game Side Project (By Yours Truly and a Bunch of Other Really Talented People)

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 4.48.08 PM

It’s true.

Zombie haiku, Pretty Awful Things, Marvel Heroes and hitting people with swords are not enough to keep me busy.

Enter Org, a in-development side project game by a myself and a number of very smart people in their off time.

A century after a thorough colonization of our natal solar system, you manage an organization – an org – as you jockey for control and influence.

You customize your org, determining what path to domination you want to take. Will you build a commercial empire? A mining cooperative? A military contractor? A solar system-spanning religion? A paramilitary militia? A secret society or illuminati? A research university? An archaeological institute?

All of these and more are at your disposal.

It will play a little like The Old Republic’s companion system or Star Trek Online’s duty officer system, or EVE with the direct combat component pulled out, but on serious (serious) steroids.

Some of the neater features:

  • Unlike a lot of social games, you will be able to play Org for as long as you want, unrestricted by conventional energy mechanics.
  • Collect ships, agents, and facilities, customize their traits, and watch them improve in quality as you use them over time.
  • Set up automatically repeating tasks.
  • Player alliances that vote on orbit-wide mechanics that affect every player’s operations in that orbit.
  • Player actions that can actually dictate the political relations of the national polities around the solar system.
  • Five different categories of influence, each representing distinctive game mechanics.
  • Complex commercial system that ranges from mining, refining, component manufacturing and construction. Also, did we mention you can “build” memes and apply them to facilities and other aspects of the game? The Illuminati would be jealous.

Org has been in development for about a year and is fast approaching its pre-alpha milestone this year.

Check it out. Make an account. Feel free to ask questions on the forums.

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