Vlad Ţepeș World Tour 2013


Vlad_Tepes_002For many years, I thought I didn’t like to travel.

Eventually, I came to realize that it wasn’t that I didn’t like to travel, but that I didn’t particularly like to travel to the traditional places people go to travel.

I remember desperately fighting to stay awake going through Parisian museums, and thinking even the mighty Versailles was only mildly interesting for about ten minutes.

(Okay, in fairness I was something like ten years old at the time, but I suspect a repeat visit would be similar.)

Mind you, I am not saying museums are intrinsically boring (they’re really not), but they do suffer from the fundamental challenge of avoiding the sterilization of the human experience in the process of the preservation of that same human experience.

About twenty years ago when I was in college (this was before the Rise of the Internet had really taken off) I was…

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