You Said

You said nothing lasts forever
But there in the echoes of my own epiphany
These thoughts come so much more quickly
Now that the time is so much shorter

So bury me in the ground
With an oak tree as my marker
And the roots clutching at my feet
Only the night to mark my passing

Or let me sink deep into the river
Sent away on the wings of an anthem
Just carry that burden that is my memory
Back to those who would remember

Then if you cannot see the river
And the ground is bleak as this affliction
Bind me to a pyre where the wood is piled high
And the wind into the forest might carry my ashes

So gather up all your wishes
Where they lie there upon the ground
And if you cannot let them live
Then instead let them slumber

But as I walk into the curve of this valley
Denied by the offense that is this short life
Know that I lived only what we all can claim
And remember the words you said to me

You said nothing lasts forever
Buried in the ground or lain into the river
Or burned into ash and lost into memory
Not even the guilty knife of an abandoned grief

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