Mnemosyne’s Grip

That day slips fast from Mnemosyne’s grip
A memory fading with nothing repaid
Maybe I could not see for all of that dark
Maybe I should have built higher the bulwark
Maybe I was a fool to hope for no mark

This twilight vanishes over the ridge
A flame to drown in this ocean’s bleak thirst
Maybe they lied when they eulogized that hope
Maybe they did not dream up that bitter, broken trope
Maybe they repented at last on the hangman’s rope

Then night conjures up both shadow and shade
A host of wishes to scatter belief
Maybe it was lost for a regret now past
Maybe it was destined to be recast
Maybe it was my fortune to be outcast

The dawn to shatter that desperate ambition
A light like a sword to cut at the night
Maybe my penance is to walk here apart
Maybe my fate will be to remember this dart
Maybe my dream shall be to climb that rampart

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