Here there be mountain lions…

A while back, I was exploring a poison oak infested abandoned graveyard up near the now-gone town of Purissima when in the nearby open space preserve I noticed a generously provided warning sign.

I thought it was a little boring, so consider here some possible improvements:

4 thoughts on “Here there be mountain lions…

  1. Too funny…your mind went the exact same place mine did…especially with the bottom one. “Here ya go, kitteh–eat this babeh”!

    • I kept wondering what non-English speakers would think of that iconography. I imagine it wouldn’t be pretty. Unless you are a mountain lion, of course.

      • Right! Because isn’t the point of the pictures to be educational? If all I had seen were the pictures on the original, I would have thought it was a joke sign.

  2. Mountain lions attack by ambush. If you see a mountain lion up close and it doesn’t have its jaws clamped around someone’s throat, it isn’t planning on attacking anyone.

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